Post Baccalaurate Program vs Masters Degree Program

If you already have a bachelors degree: Two routes you can take that will qualify you for attaining a teacher licensure or certification.

A. Master’s Degree with Teacher Certification: With this program you will earn a Masters degree while completing a curriculum that will qualify you to attain a teacher license. * One advantage is that when you are hired to teach, most schools will start graduates with a masters degree at a higher pay scale

B. Post Baccalaureate: If your particular school offers a post baccalaureate track these programs are usually very similar if not identical to the masters degree track. Post Baccalaureate programs are usually about 6 months shorter in length than a master’s degree program and also qualify you for teacher certification/licensure. You DO NOT get the benefits of the higher pay scale that you may get with a master’s degree but do become eligible to teach more quickly. Some universities will allow you to complete the post baccalaureate track, then finish the remaining courses to complete your masters degree after you begin teaching. Just be prepared to work extra hard while teaching.

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